Walkthrough Goetia. Goetia прохождение

Walkthrough Goetia

Goetia - unusual game published by Square Enix.

Chapter 1. The Awakening

Blackwood Mansion

After watching the video you will see the location from the tree and cross grave. The main character in the game is a flying ball of light, a ghost. When you will see the prompt in the upper left corner, then click on the J key to open the magazine and read the first entry:

"I'm Abigail Blackwood. Daughter of Abraham and Helena Blackwood, Sister Annie ... That's all I remember until the fall, my last nightmare. I really do not understand who I am or what happened ... I must find help. I have to find my family. "

Hold down the CTRL key and you will see all active points on location. There is a grave cross, the tree and the two transition points - left and right. Aim at the cross or the tree and click the left mouse button. You will see a window with three images - magnifier, some terms and eyes. Icon "eye" allows you to see the object, and the "magnifying glass" - interact. Here, you can only view a cross and a tree. You can’t go left, therefore, move to the right.

The following locations can view the statue and try to open the gate. Either way, you're a ghost, and you can just move through the gate. You will be to the courtyard of the mansion Blackwood.


Press the Tab key to open the map. Click on a particular spot on the map, you can quickly move there. So far you have shown on the map only tree in the courtyard of the mansion. Fly inside the mansion, right.

Open the cabinet near the stairs on the right side, and interact with the card.


You are in the lobby, on the map - HALL. Hall is not marked in any color, but there are rooms on the mansion, which are highlighted in red, blue, orange and other colors. Press the C key when close the map. You will see a kind of code. The code contains all the results and previously viewed documents. Map is no exception, and you can see its in the code in the upper right corner. Click the left mouse button at any time convenient to you, you open the map.

From the next room (sofa on the map), you can only go up. Generally there are way down, but it block by blue runes. The path to the right leads to the studio Abigail's father, but the girl does not know how people will communicate with her.

Upstairs, inspect the piece of paper on the table. It depicts some characters. The central image is marked with a question mark. On the left side is a cabinet. At its top is a hat. In addition to the hat is where you'll find a book with a note. This is collectible items.

Way up is blocked by blue and yellow runes. Move to the right side and see a box with keys on the wall. Open the box, and then inspect hidden in a niche statue. Select the third character interaction. This symbol "circle and a line with an arrow" allows Abigail move into those or other items. Now, you can move into the statue and move it. Remove it from the niche. Inside the niche, behind the statues was hidden switch. Click on it and a box will open below. Inside the box, inspect all documents. This is a death certificate in the name of ... Abigail's father. What happened to the girl? Why her last memory dates back to 1902, while the certificate has been issued in 1939?

Now you can go down and fly out of the room with a sofa right in the workshop of his father.


Examine the diary on the floor, fly right and see the desktop. Read the note on a table. Examine the records on the table, in which colored five characters depicted. Above the note is box with glass doors. You can’t open it, but inside there is a subject in which you move into.

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Walkthrough Goetia

Chapter 5: Silver Labyrinth

Return to the top of the stairs, next to the darkroom.

Close suitcase.

Pick up partial photograph.

Fly right. Combine partial photograph with larger chunk, hung on wall.

Enter completed photograph. (Note: you can enter the partial, you just can't finish this area like that. Sections will be missing.)

Fly right.

Codex: Gabriel notes.

Enter trees photo.

Fly right. Pick up hammer. Fly back left. If powered up (Vision), see note on stone.

Fly right again. Pick up glasses. Put glasses in nearby box.

Fly left and return to first house.

Fly right. Remove glasses from duplicate box.

Use glasses on burry photo. Note order. Solution: 4123.

Enter blurry photo. Interact with blurry hotspots in order, as revealed above. Solution: Right switch, wheel, lever, left switch.

Enter revealed photo.

Codex: Feeling my way through.

Recall rock message. Solution: Fly up, up, up, up. Codec: I gave orders...

Return and enter gravestone photo.

Fly right. Examine "inactive" photo. Final area solution: Pick up and move the "odd" column.

Backtrack to first house.

Enter upside down bunker. Note surroundings. Solution: 2-CBB.

Codex: First of all...

Fly "down" to top of area.

Codex: My dear parents

Enter piano room photo.

Codex: Nocturne

Backtrack to first house.

Upright the bunker photo's frame with glasses (or hammer).

Enter upright bunker. Note surroundings. Solution: 1-DAF#.

Mentally solve musical notes sequence. Solution: D,A,F#,C,B,B.

Return to piano room.

Play musical notes sequence on piano. Musically-disinclined solution: From the left: Second white key, second to last white key, middle black key, first white key, last white key, last white key.

Return to bunker.

Pick up newly-accessibly photo.

Fly new photo up to top of bunker. Place in the center of the series.

Enter left photo.

Pick up developer.

Carry developer right, right, right through newly-placed photo.

Use developer on right-most photo. Enter developed photo.

Fly right. Enter darkroom photo. (Note: if darkroom photo is not present, return to the "inactive" photo and re-move the "odd" ruin until it is.)

Note box and hiding spot in darkroom's past.

Enter manor photo. Return to original darkroom.

Move uninteresting box from in front of hiding spot.

Counter-sigil Niberius. Steam Achievement: "Scattered memories Find Naberius' opposite sigil in the Silver Labyrinth." Purple walls now accessible.

Chapter 6: Manor, the Final Demon Haborym (the Attic)

Fly to the left-most room on the top floor of the manor. (Possibly inaccessible, if you're not doing these sections in order.)

Examine the snake/human/cat trophy. Cutscene.

Listen very carefully to his riddle. You can repeat the scene as needed. [Author's note: I find this puzzle to be unfairly under-posed. If you think you can explain the thought process better than I can, please let me know!]

Look for the Shapes, First Shape: "On the first step to knowledge."

Fly slightly down and to the right, into the classroom.

Note the portal. (Powerup required.)

Enter portal.

Hint solution: VII.

Examine the lights carefully. Solution: Odd lights in an "HH" shape.

Look for the Shapes, Second Shape: "Where studies find the light."

Find the abandoned studies in the stairwell next to the library.

Examine the area carefully. Solution: Odd "drop" shape on banister.

Look for the Shapes, Third Shape: "Where statues find refuge."

Fly to the hallway full of damaged Roman statues.

Note the solution. Solution: M-shaped archways protect the statues.

Fly to the right. Hint on placement. Solution: In the VII'th archway, see a cross beneath these same arches.

Fly to Annie's bedroom. (Up, up, up, up, up.)

Codex: I finished setting up the projector... Read all pages. Notice fragments on back cover.

Carry notes back to the room under the attic (fly left).

Use notes on damaged medallion sigil.

Solve unfair puzzle. Gentle hint: Combine the shapes the hints led you to in a meaningful way.

Solution: The pieces don't fit together, and there arguably IS no meaningful way. So instead, just randomly place the three shapes until the game visibly "locks" them in to the "correct" place, which will be similar to this screenshot, but with the candle nudged left. To be fair, the cross/arches hint is clear to me, but that "drop" sure does look like a candle to me, and it's location relative to the rest comes with no hint that I see.


Steam Achievement: "The cleansing Clear Blackwood from its demons."

Enter attic. Attempt to take violin.

Pull switch.

Return to room below. Haborym challenges you to a game of "spot the difference." You can either keep pulling the switch until you get it or... Gentle hint: compare these two screenshots:


8 9

Solution: Skull, rotated blue butterfly, drawer below axe cabinet.

Trapdoor opens. Fly back up and take the violin.

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Walkthrough Goetia

From here you can fly to the right like on the top and on the bottom floor. In any case, you will be in the same room. There will need to talk to the big bird on all topics. Fly down and click on the switch near the sink. Open the door in the wall, but in a niche will be nothing. Learn all the portraits - in the center picture shows Anne, sister Abigail. Fly to the right and go across the bottom to a new location:


There is a box with the statue of the bird on the table. Examine the box - here you need to enter the code of four letters. Nearby there is a book with pages torn out. On other pages have no entries. Return to the room with the portraits and fly down to the new location.

It's a kitchen. Interact with the objects in the fireplace in front of him and see pieces of paper. Collect one note.


The path to the left is blocked by the wall. Interact with it and see the coded lock. The code must be entered - 1908.

When you go down to the kitchen, you can click on a piece of paper on the wall. On it appears: "Birthday of the oldest." Above there are pictures from the four sons of Annie. They are all one and the same date - 1939. This is the date when the portraits were painted. Also, there are number of years. So the oldest in the picture is for 31 years. So we decide: 1939 - 31 = 1908.

In the room you can read a note lying on the floor. There are four supports on which the light falls. Each stand has four letters - A, G, E, R. These are the first letters of the four sons of Annie - Alexander, Gabriel, Edward and Robert.

Fly back to the box with the letters. Pass to the right leads to the street, but there is nothing yet to do. In the box, enter the code - JOHN. There is small picture near the stairs in a room with a sofa. There is an old man in a hat with a beard on this picture. See on signature in the lower right corner - John Falco. You need find a clue on the top cover shelf on the wall at the desktop. There still is a statue of Pegasus. Find all these tips not necessarily to enter code!

Inside you will find a sheet with a map of the house where noted Room, located on the right side of the kitchen with a fireplace, where you collected the note.

Chapter 2. The Banishing of Malphas

I will dwell in the luminous sphere, to improve their skills. Back in the hall, the first room of the house. Find a tall cabinet. At one of its five shelves is a hexagonal or square tile depicting the "tree". Look at it, then moved in. Try to fly out through the door on the left, but it closed. Fly to the right and open the door to the next room. By doing this, you will find yourself in a familiar environment. There is hole on the left side of the room in the wall. Look at it, and then fly inside. Fly to the left along a narrow corridor until you reach the street.

Move beyond the mansion and on the left side of the gate; click the left mouse button over the hole in the base of the statue. You put that same tile and open the passage down. Get down below.


Examine the key on the shelf, I will dwell in it and fly upwards. Go back to the house on the right, but the front door, you cannot fly. Place your cursor over the balcony to climb up to the sky. You will be on the second floor of the mansion, and in fact there is an open window. Fly to the house through the window and go down to the first floor.

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Walkthrough Goetia

Chapter 3: Eldwitch Forest

Fly through the manor all the way to the right and leave the grounds.

Codex: Tombstone. Read carefully.

Fly down into grave.

Pick up stone wedged in corner. Remove it to the left.

Pick up dowsing rod. Fly it up and out through the stone's tunnel. You can optionally use dowsing rod with the upcoming puzzle box, it will shake when pointed to correct images. (Thanks, Alasher!)

Continue all the way to the right. Notice forest is inaccesible.

Retrace steps left. Notice portal. (Portal only present if you have the needed powerup.) Enter portal. Look around. Note what's in the forest.

Search grass in front of archway. Find box.

Solve box puzzle. Gentle hint:  Combine nearby tombstone text with observations made while in portal.

Solution: Logs, Skull, Cross, Dead Tree, Stone.

Deep forest now accessible.

Fly all the way right, into the chapel

Codex: Anton at it again letter.

Codex: Whitegate cornerstone.


Fly up above chapel.

Examine bell. Note markings.

Codex: Progress journal

Fly down and to the right.

Codex: Sigil notes. Read carefully!

Open cabinet.

Codex: Register. Read carefully!

Take hook.


Drop hook on the stair landing in next area.

Pick up cloth.

Use cloth on hook.

Fly up to next area.

Use unlit torch on lamp.

Use lit torch on rope.

Drop torch.

Codex: Whitegate birthday

Fly up.

Codex: Zodiac notes.

Fly down, down, down.

Codex: Christian J stone.

Fly down more.

Make careful note of symbols carved at bottom. Failing that, see screenshot:


Return to area with sigil notes. Examine religious books puzzle. Solve puzzle. Failing that, see screenshot and swap last two books with each other to finish: 3


Fly left. Cutscene.

Solve sigil puzzle for spirit who forgot his name. Gentle hint: It's Anton.

Moderate Hint: Combine register (full name & date of birth) with zodiac notes with sigil notes with alphabet notes from various sources.

Solution: Combine register (full name & date of birth) with zodiac notes with sigil notes with alphabet notes from various sources.


Give Anton's sigil to Anton.

Solve sigil puzzle for church founder. Gentle hint: It's William Jeremia Cecil Whitegate.

Moderate Hint: Combine cornerstone (full name) with zodiac notes with tower notes with alphabet notes from various sources.

Solution: Clockwise, WJWC with Leo pointing NE, or see pic


Fly down new passageway.

Absorb powerup. Steam Achievement: "Strength of character Discover the power of Strength." [Author's note: the need for this powerup is why this guide has been putting off exploring the house. We're now at full power, and able to actually do everything.]

Fly up and to the left, through Anton's door.

Fly up and examine branch. Assuming you powered up, you are now strong enough to pull it free. Do so.

Drop branch, fly down, pick up candlestick.

Complete candlestick pair on altar.

Fly down into new area.

Codex: Foras counter-sigil. Steam Achievement: "Fallen leaves Find Foras' opposite sigil in Eldwitch Forest." Walls blocked by green are now accessible.

Chapter 4: Fields of Stone

Return to the pedestal room unlocked next to the kitchen, in the manor.

Fly left and down.

"Use" torch on wall to reveal hidden room. Explore hidden room.

Return to stairwell. Pick up jug. Carry jug left, down, to the right. Drop jug for now.

Codex: Suitcase reminder.

Codex: Alchemy symbols.

Codex: Yeats poem.

Fly back to top of elevator and pick up pendant. Drop pendant next to jug at end of passage.

Open cabinet in desk.

Press button in cabinet.

Use pendant in newly opened-recess.

Pick jug back up. Fly all the way to the right.

Use jug on petrol

Fly down to bottom. Use jug of petrol on engine. Drop jug of petrol.

Return to start of red hallway. Fusebox now lit. Switch fuse from workshop to corridor.

Codex: Misc. underground notes.

Solve briefcase puzzle. Gentle hint:  Solution:

Codex: History of Blackwoods

Fly right. Open trapdoor in floor. Go down it.

Grab fuse. Fly fuse to fusebox.

Set fuses to "ext. 1" and "workshop."

Fly down and to the left into workshop.

Codex: Protection notes. Note that codec notes suggest trying with "triangle." Gentle hint: Recall alchemy notes.

Upcoming puzzle partial solution: Pick up nearby book and place over air vent in this area.

Note switches on wall, attached to timers. Fly left. (Area should be lit if fuses set correctly.) Tombstones should also be attached to timers.

Solve timer puzzle. Gentle hint: Look at the page with the leaf on it. Read some Yeats.

Solution: Cat, full moon, crescent, crescent, full moon.

Fly down into new area.

Codex: A_L_C_R Notes

Fly right.

Codex: Map of caves

Pick up magnesium

Fly left.

Use magnesium on camera. Drop magnesium.

Continue left.

Pick up rock.

Combine rock with glowing thing.

Fly all the way back right.

Holding the glowing rock, you can now enter the well. Enter the well.

Drop the rock.

Codex: Bune's presence.


Barrier Solution 1 (Only If Powered Up to Be Strong):

Return to table where Magnesium was. Open drawer. Take tracing paper.

Use tracing paper on map on table. Solve puzzle. Solution:


Mentally combine solution with A_L_C_R Notes. Solve wall bricks puzzle. (If you've read this far, it should be fairly obvious by now.)

Take gold ring.

Bring gold ring down to Roman statue, place on finger.

Take amulet. Use on barrier. Drop amulet.

Barrier Solution 2 (Mandatory if not powered up to be strong.):

Be sure you put book over vent (provided air downstairs).

Fly back to the workshop and pick up flask with barrier symbol.

Open vent in front of barrier.

Use flask on barrier.

Paths Merge Back Together:

Fly left. Examine Bune counter-sigil. Steam Achievement: "Buried whispers Find Bune's opposite sigil in the Fields of Stone." Red walls now accessible.

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Walkthrough Goetia

Chapter 1: Manor, First Areas

Fly to the right and through the door to enter the manor.

Open cabinet near front door. Codex: Spirit map

Continue flying right until you worry what your father will think when he sees you.

Head upstairs.

Codex: Alice In Wonderland note.

Codex: Sigil doodles.

Open key collection.

Move Virgin Mary statue.

Flip switch behind statue.

Codex: Death certificate.

Father's lab now accessible. Go there.

Codex: Story of Icarus.

Codex: Mother, listen to reason letter

Codex: Demon notes journal.

Exit right and fly up to the second floor. Continue right. Meet Malphas. Steam Achievement: "First encounter, Make contact with a demon."

Head down, down beneath the floor to the kitchen. Note blank(?) page. Note combination lock on left.

Fly back up to dining room. Open dumbwaiter.

Carry box of powder (one screen to the left) into dumbwaiter.

Fly down to kitchen.

Call dumbwaiter.

Carry box of powder to blank(?) page and use it. Note clue.

Fly to dining room. Examine paintings, note ages. Do math.

Solution: Enter 1908 into kitchen door lock.

Fly left into new area.

Codex: Note to Alexander from Annie.

Hear a noise in the upstairs hall.

Note broken crockery near front door. Find hexagonal shape.

Open door to the right.

Carry hexagonal shape to the right, through the door, and out the hole in the wall immediately past the doorframe. Fly left until outside.

Use hexagonal shape on pedestal outside the gate.

Fly down into graves. Find key. Fly key up to the second floor and in through open window.

Fly through the hole in the floor down to the first floor, then to the right. Open doors as needed while flying. Stop at desk underneath locked cabinet.

Use key to unlock cabinet.

Codex: Malphas, opposite sigil. Steam Achievement: "Apprentice exorcist First attempt at banishing a demon." You may now fly through walls previously blocked by blue symbols.

Fly right into new area. Fly up and left into billiard room.

Codex: My dearest son letter. Oakmarsh village now accessible.

Fly right into statues corridor.

Take screwdriver. Fly back to billiards room. Use screwdriver on panel. Find safe. (Locked for now.)

Fly right to end of area.

Codex: Forest painting. Forest now accessible.

Return to stairwell and fly up and to the right. Enter darkroom.

Codex: Eureka! Picture (in this room) now accessible. (Ignore for now.)

Complete the puzzle in the fireplace in the manor kitchen. Make sure that the game clearly indicates it as done. (Journal will flash). (Paper Chase Part One.)

Codex: Ben Hur book (Above front door). (Paper Chase Part Two.)

Codex: Drawing of sleeping cap. (Paper Chase Part Three.)

Examine painting matching that silhouette in first floor hallway. (Paper Chase Part Four.)

Fly down to first floor and exit right, to office with crows.

Note puzzle box with four words: JADE, LOVE, MOTH, SNOW. Solve puzzle box. Solution: JOHN

Sealed room is now accessible. (Paper Chase Part Five.)

Fly to sealed room. (A little to the left and down.)

Absorb powerup. Steam achievement: "Clear-sightedness Discover the power of Vision."

Fly up and to the left. Pick up quill pen.

Fly up. Secret panel now revealed. Examine contents.

Return to office with puzzle box. Pick up journal. Carry journal outside, towards the forest. Secret brick now revealed.

Codex: I caught her going through your room.

Chapter 2: Oakmarsh

Fly left into first house.

Open cabinet.

Codex: Dunchurch Dance brochure. (REMEMBER THIS.)

Fly up to second floor.

Codex: Sister to brother letter.

Fly up to attic. Examine Ouija board. Get hint to box: "To the stars"

Note that the journal recommends you attempt to guess identity of this spirit.

Fly left, then down.

Open cabinet.

Codex: George Stanford journal. Read carefully.

Fly up and identify Ouija spirit. Letters briefly light up if you placed the pointer on them well enough for the game to notice. Solution: ABRAHAM

Chase spirit down, down, down.

Solve vague puzzle. Objective: Pile items on the scale until the weight is JUST BELOW the mark.

One Solution: Box, ink stamp, knife, feather.

Absorb powerup. Steam Achievement: "Crossing the Styx Discover the power of the Ferryman."

Fly back to room with George Stanford journal. Examine box. Recall hint: to the stars. Gentle hint: How might these creatures rank, in terms of going to the stars?

Medium hint: How might these creatures rank, in terms of going to the stars?

Solution: Pisces, Delphinus, Serpens, Canis Major, Aquila.

Read note, take tape

Fly right, down, left. Drop tape.

Close door, turn on lights.

Codex: Key note.

Fly left into store.

Fly up to the floor above the store.

Codex: Corpse note.

Fly back to store.

Take key described in earlier note.

Fly key back to locked kitchen door.

Unlock door.

Pick tape back up, fly it into the well to the left. Drop it. Pick up handle.

Use handle on cracks. Drop handle. Pick up tape. Continue to the left.

Codex: Logbook.

Fly tape up and to the left. Use tape on player. Listen to clue.

Fly up and to the left.

Pick up saw, fly it right, use it to open hatch to the tape player.

Fly right and down. Find radio. Spin right dial until you can hear your own voice. (Location noted in spoiler pic.)


Carry radio up to the microphone door. Use radio on door. Solve puzzle. Gentle hint:  Do what the tape says, remembering the brochure from earlier.

Solution: Type: "Sally Dunchurch".

Drop radio.

Fly left.

Codex: Paimon counter-sigil. Steam Achievement: "Ghost town Find Paimon's opposite sigil in Oakmarsh." Yellow-sealed walls are now accessible.

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